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Squids Innovation Design

We develop Sustainable Out-of-box solutions

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Teamwork in the loft

Extended Reality (XR) Games
as a tool for investigation, assessment, and management in mental healthcare

XR Games has several benefits in treating behavioural health conditions and Cognitive brain function. First, immersive technology and game experience allow placing users into customized world within a safe environment in their own space (Home/offices/Schools). Second, the mixed  ‘reality’ can allow the user to come out of isolation by using different modes of the game like Virtual, Phygital, and Physical, played remotely from anywhere with your dear one.

The app has been designed to break down barriers in understanding and evaluating your mental health and brain functioning, and open up conversations about mental health with the community you play your game with.

You are not just playing the game, but also enjoying and entertaining the whole community, which brings an instant change in your mental situation.  No more isolation.

Services Provided

We build innovative solutions to boost your business based on your need and requirements.

Experience Design

We support team to understand experience design for the products with the user being centre of the process.

  • Development

Experience design (XD) is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, omnichannel journeys, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. A single design discipline does not drive experience design. Ideally, the involvement should start right at the conception of the idea. However, we could help you with the evaluation and improvement of the XD at any stage of your product development.


We support organizations in measuring the product impact with sustainability in focus and conceptualizing the strategies.

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Economic

Sustainable design is design philosophy where the products developed with keeping in mind the principles of sustainability (environmental, economic and social). Many times, when we develop a product, we get involved in complexities of market, technology and features. Measuring its impact and improving on the product needs a little bit extra support to make this world a better place to live.

Product Design

We support organizations & startups looking at New Product Development right from the understanding the need stage to Design for X.

  • Ideate
  • Innovate
  • Prototype

Innovative product design is bringing together user requirements, technology, viable economics, systems requirements, aesthetics and human values. The design team needs to balance the needs of end-users, business goals, and available technology to advance the product development strategy. The exercise may lead to re-focus on other market segments, pivoting from existing core technology competency, or finding other users. It inevitably may lead to a change in human behaviour. We support teams in this journey using our innovative yet detailed product design and development framework.

Strategic Design

We support innovative teams and startups with our strategic design consulting with all help needed in design, technology and business.

  • Need
  • Understand
  • Deliver

The VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world that we live in requires businesses to increasingly create opportunity out of the constrained, uncertain, intangible and complex scenarios. The constraints generally help teams to come out with an out of box solutions and achieved by the capability and the capacity to design and re-invent business strategies continuously. The ability and agility of the team to align, steer, and pivot would be the crucial distinction for the enterprises to have the edge over the competition.


The Squids (Team)

We are a collective from various premier design, business and technology schools focussing on providing design, strategy and innovation consulting with the user being in the centre.
We bring a healthy recipe of clairvoyance with intelligence to solve problems through ideas that reach out, engage and emotionally connect with human touch.


Our Process

We have been working on our innovations and have been translating them into products for over a decade now. During the time we have developed our proprietary process that help s us to keep the things within our purview and deliver the best to our clients.

S - Strategise
As part of developing a suitable strategy, the project starts with the understanding of ecosystem which includes all stakeholders, collaborators, partners and most importantly users.

Q - Quantization
We sample the problem in hand and analyze a discrete set of points to understand various gaps, needs and sentiments. We research the market, analyze existing products and uncover valuable insights to build out-of-box solutions.

U - Use Case Analysis
Understanding the users of the product and usage is a very critical part of our process. This allows us to provide users with an unmatched product experience irrespective of hardware or software!

I - Ideate & Innovate
The ideate and innovate process helps us in brainstorming for various concepts. Here we use various design tools to develop concepts that meet all the requirements before we go ahead and consolidate the concepts through a series of user validations leading to the selection of the winner concept in the end.

D - Design & Develop
A product begins to take its form and shape with the sourced primary and secondary data and industry knowledge. We design and engineer the selected concept and translate it into a product.

S - Scale & Sale
As a final step, we ensure that the product designed and developed is supported through the scale-up and sales cycle for understanding the acceptability and future sustenance projects!